The 2018 Gap Year Association x Association for Experiential Education International Conference

On November 7, Gapyearly’s founders Jiyoung Jeong and Sasha Landauer gave a presentation at the annual international conference hosted by GYA. There, they spoke about their findings from 100+ student interviews that they’ve conducted over 2.5 years, and shed light on the most important and common challenges that gappers face. We found the top three faced challenges to be: uncertainty (such as in defining productivity differently from an institution); loneliness; dealing with the “traveler’s guilt” while working in foreign environments. Jiyoung and Sasha also strategized ways that programs and consultants can best support students navigating such challenges.

Check out an excerpt from their presentation video! This is just the first of many videos to come; as a part of Gapyearly’s brand-new gapper interview series, we’ll be releasing new footage every week. Stay tuned!

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