It all started when...

We’d been accepted to our dream college. We wanted to make sure we would make the most of our time there. Soon after graduating from high school, we decided to take a gap year in order to explore our interests in a non-classroom setting and question, what really matters to me? How do I want to grow before moving onto the next four years? - Jiyoung Jeong & Sasha Landauer, cofounders

Gapyearly is the first-ever resource that offers firsthand reviews of gap year experiences and free support for potential gapper parents as well as students who are considering time off from school. Gapyearly was born after we couldn’t find financially accessible resources supporting students in the gap year planning process. Sketching out an entire year can be a doubt-filled process: what’s the “right thing” to be doing? What had others done during their time away from school? We both found our gap years to be incredibly rewarding, and we wanted to help other students make the most of their years. When we met at Stanford, we joined forces to create Gapyearly.

At Gapyearly, we are dedicated to launching a gap year movement in the United States by giving students the tools to plan a gap year and confidence to do so. Taking a year off provided us a chance to deal with uncertainties that come with unplanned time, and allowed us to gain extremely valuable confidence, courage, competence, and perhaps most importantly, experiences that only few high school graduates have. Time and time again, gappers have reflected that the lessons and skills learned during their time away from school will lend so much more meaning to their college experience and beyond. In fact, no gapper that we've encountered (and we've met over a hundred) has ever regretted their decision to take a year off.  

Whether you are considering just a few months or a whole year off from school, we hope the incredible experiences that gappers have shared here help you chart your way.


Jiyoung Jeong and Sasha Landauer