Taking a gap year has challenged and surprised me in ways that I had not thought of before. I had an amazing time—but planning it was daunting at times. Was I using my time in the “right” way? How do I even choose what to do? What do you mean, THERE ARE NO BOUNDARIES?? My options of things to do felt simultaneously infinite and limited; as a high school grad, what could I really do in this world outside of school? Many gap year counselors and programs were out of my price line. My parents, who had been vehemently against my taking a gap year, had told me to do whatever I wanted to and looked away. Many times, I looked and wished for an organized database of what past gap year students had done—something I could look at for reference or inspiration. Not long articles or stories told through others’ perspectives, but a convenient collection of experiences that the gap yearers themselves have written/talked about.

This website does exactly that. I wanted to make sure that future gap year students have a better resource to plan their gap years, and waste less time worrying about what they can do. For you grasshoppers, past gap yearers have gathered their experiences that you can shop around.

So get ready—but before you head off, some tips on how to navigate this site:

The number of dollar signs in { } tells you how expensive/cheap/monetarily profitable an experience is. If there is a minus sign in front of the dollar sign(s), it means that the gap yearer ended the experience with less money that he started with. No minus sign? He made some bank. If it says “FREE”: the experience was either free (often in the form of room/board – work exchange) or broke even.

-$ =  cost $1 ~ $200

-$$ = cost $200 ~ $500

-$$$ = cost $500~$1000

-$$$$ = cost $1000+


$ = profited $1 ~ $200

$$ = profited $200 ~ $500

$$$ = profited $500 ~ $1000

$$$$ = profited $1000+


Lastly, the number of filled in stars tells you the rating of the general experience. Keep in mind that two different people can have an extremely contrasting reflection of the same experience, so don’t let the rating completely deter you from trying it out.

Happy gapping!





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