Solo Biking Trip From Oregon to Arizona

- $ / ★★★★★

HOW OPPORTUNITY WAS FOUND: Just decided to do it

LENGTH: 1 month

LOCATION: Oregon - California - Nevada - Utah - Arizona 

FUN: ★★★★☆ (would definitely give 5, but there were many challenges along the way)



  • Wake up with the sun, eat
  • Learn animal/plant species and observe the natural world 
  • Swim
  • Bike for many hours, stop to eat along the way 
  • Find a public land to sleep on 


Biking, hiking, swimming


  1. DO IT. Just choose a goal that makes you say, “Fuck. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do it.” Do a bike trip, a hiking trip—do some sort of trip or activity that you don’t know if you can accomplish, because after it, you’ll get the best feeling ever. And I loved having 1 month to spend the majority of time by myself to do all the thinking I wanted to do. 
  2. Public lands are very precious. You can spend up to 2 weeks camping on them, and that’s amazing. 
  3. Doesn’t matter if you are not super in shape. You’ll get in shape as you go; there will simply be more personal growth as you go. 
  4. Do NOT go to All You can eat buffets and OVEREAT enough to puke on your bike!!!!


To be more proud of myself with things that I do. My goal was to bike 1000 miles and get to the Red Rock Canyons of Utah. I just remember, I got to Bryce National Park on the same day that I hit mile 1000. I spent 3 days hiking through Bryce, and I felt really proud of myself, because I wasn’t sure if I could bike 1000 miles. I had never really been that proud of myself before. And I set out on this trip without really any plans or any idea of how I was gonna make it happen. There were many challenging moments along the way when I said, “I could quit at any moment.” So when I finally made it to the end of that, I just had that super accomplished feeling. 



Jiyoung Jeong