International Volunteer Headquarters Program (IVHQ) Vietnam

DONE BY: Emily M. 


SUMMARY: IVHQ boasts being the “most trusted”, the “most affordable” and having the “most opportunities” of any comparable volunteer organization. Project options range from teaching in Argentina to turtle conservation in Bali to sport development in South Africa. IVHQ seeks community partners in need of volunteers, to ensure the work is meaningful. They also provide online training, and in country support to ensure volunteers have a safe and comfortable stay.

COST: $180- $2500, length and location dependent, fundraising encouraged

REVIEW: IVHQ did a great job connecting us with a local organization that gave us an authentic experience of Vietnam. It wasn't the plushest or easiest experience, but it was extremely fulfilling and I think I got a much better sense of the country because of it.

Jiyoung JeongComment