Teaching Monks in Nepal

DONE BY: Sasha L. | Fieldston School | Stanford U. '20

HELPFUL LINKS: http://www.rcdpinternationalvolunteer.org/

SUMMARY: RCDP offers highly reliable volunteer programs in developing arias of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Since pioneering the concept of volunteer travel in Nepal in 1998, RCDP has placed more than 12,000 volunteers in immersive home stays and meaningful community development projects. All fees go directly to the host family and project, making RCDP’s programs comparatively low cost.

COST: Nepal was one of the cheapest volunteer options, at $70/week

REVIEW: I had a terrific experience with RCDP Nepal. The program gave me framework and confidence to work in a country I would have not felt comfortable visiting alone. I got the chance to teach in a Buddhist monastery in the Everest region of the Himalayas; developing close relationships with the monks as I shared meals and took hikes with them. It also gave me a chance to integrate into a Sherpa village through my homestay. By the end of my two weeks I had tea with nearly all the inn owners in addition to meeting loads of international trekkers on their way to Everest. All in all, the program was fantastic and made me feel totally safe from the moment I stepped off the plane in Kathmandu.

Jiyoung JeongComment