2041 Antartica Expedition

Done by: Sasha L. | Fieldston School | Stanford U. '20

Helpful links: http://2041.com/iae-2017/itinerary

Length: 10 days

Summary: In its Antarctic Expedition, 2041 brings 100+ leaders from around the world on a 10 day journey from the southernmost city in the world to the last untouched wilderness. Participants engage in leadership development activities, hikes on glaciers, and zodiac tours to gain an understanding of Antarctica’s vast beauty and dire need for protection.

Cost: requires extensive fundraising for the 2041 foundation

Review: Visiting Antarctica with 2041 was a life changing experience. Antarctica was by far the most beautiful and striking place I've ever seen--huge masses of carved and weathered ice in hues of grey, blue, and black. I got to cruise alongside 60 foot humpback whales, watch fur seals hunt, and stand alongside molting penguins. Both the intensity of the environment and the remarkable stories of those on the expedition pushed me to deeply consider my effect on the world. I was alongside people, young and old, from over thirty countries. Given the extreme nature of the environment and excellent leadership programs I grew very close to a remarkable student from Egypt whose dream is to clean the Nile, an Australian arborist who saved for the trip for years, a man from the United Arab Emirates who researches clean energy at Shell, and many others. I cannot imagine any other setting where this level of engagement as well as personal and social growth would be possible. The fundraising is intimidating, but I promise it is possible and worth it.

Jiyoung JeongComment