ISA Spring 4 Semester @ The U. of Salamanca in Spain

DONE BY: Nan M. | Saint Ann's School | Stanford U. '20


COST: $9,200 - 12,500 + airfare, scholarships available

LENGTH: 4 months

DAILY LIFE: I lived in a homestay with a single woman  who was very sweet and did not speak any English. My classes were all taught in Spanish. I took “El Mundo Arabe en el Mundo Hispanico,” “Arte Español,” “Cine, Prensa, y Televisión en España, and Spanish Language (review of grammar, etc.). The Spanish Art history class was my favorite—I never wanted it to end! I definitely learned a lot, but the classes were incredibly easy--hardly any homework, very easy tests. This left a lot of time for fiestas!

ACTIVITIES DONE: On weekends I often explored more of Spain. The program I went with organized excursions to Madrid, Toledo, El Escorial, Sevilla, and even Portugal (all of which were included in the overall price of the program) and arranged tours and hotels for us. I also went on a separate excursion to Sevilla and Grenada with another program for which I paid separately. It was amazing to be able to go visit so much of the art and architecture that I was learning about in my classes! My Spanish improved a TON and I learned lots about Spanish history and culture.

MORE NO CRAP TALK: All of the organizers were super nice and helpful. The only problem with this program was that although you are technically taking classes at the University of Salamanca, all of your classes are part of “Cursos Internacionales” which means they are with other international students. This made it a lot harder for me to get to know locals and practice spanish, since the majority of the other international students were also American.

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