Projects Abroad Projects & Internships

DONE BY: Maddy B. | Walter Johnson High School | U. of St. Andrews '18


SUMMARY: Each year, Projects Abroad sends over 10,000 participants to service projects and internships in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Project offerings for both volunteers and interns are diverse and include areas such as building, conservation and teaching. Projects Abroad also has a 27 week gap year program which includes a four week orientation, and one to two month placements in Ghana, South Africa, Peru, Nepal and Thailand.

COST: length dependent, ~ $2,000 + ~300 per week, flights and visas additional; $29,995 all inclusive gap year

REVIEW: Projects Abroad was a really great way to start off the year - it was structured enough that it made my parents comfortable for me to do straight out of high school, and I always felt like I was safe and secure whilst still being able to exert my independence and do real work; in fact, I sometimes felt as if PA was sending me off into the field to do work that was out of my depth, but in retrospect that was how I learnt and grew and made a contribution. At 18 it was the perfect program for me; three years later if I were to do a program with them I would probably find it stifling.

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