Kieve Wavus Leadership School Counselor

DONE BY: Nathan W. | Lick-Wilmerding High School | Johns Hopkins U. '20


LENGTH: 10 weeks from early June to mid-August (includes a nine-day orientation program in addition to 4 days of skills training and certification)


  • Compensation (dependent upon experience and responsibilities)
  • Room and board
  • Laundry facilities
  • A staff lounge area
  • Computer / Internet access

SUMMARY: Over the summer, Kieve Wavus runs a camp on the shores of Damariscotta Lake in Maine. The proceeds of this camp go towards scholarships for the Leadership School, which provides outdoor workshops for students and educators of local schools.Their programs give participants the skills to make responsible decisions, team build, raise aspirations, and reflect on their lives. Educators are expected to lead workshops and team-building activities.

MORE NO CRAP TALK: I went into Kieve Wavus with very little idea of what was ahead. My time there ended up being the highlight of my gap year. I got the chance to use the leadership skills I got out of my NOLS course, live self-sufficiently, and with the older staff. It was especially cool because I felt like it was different from signing up for a program. I was working and living with people outside of my gap year bubble. I would highly recommend Kieve for anyone that loves the outdoors and leadership.

Jiyoung JeongComment