Working at South by Southwest Festival

DONE BY: Nina Redpath | Fieldston '17

LENGTH: 1 month

LOCATION: Austin, Texas

DESCRIPTION: I lucked out on this one because all of my volunteer hours were scheduled for before the festival started. I worked enough hours to earn a film badge, and then was able to attend the festival like those who had paid for their tickets. The job itself was easy - scanning people into events and making sure the number of people in the room didn't break the fire code.

TOP TIPS: My advice, if you choose to volunteer for SXSW would be to try as hard as possible to schedule your hours during SXSWedu, which is a teachers conference that takes place before the SXSW festival. This way you can earn your ticket and then be able to attend the festival without having to worry about missing an event because of volunteer hours. I learned a lot of things about a variety of subjects at this job because I was able to listen in on all of the sessions and events that I was scanning people into.

Sasha LandauerComment