JOIN US in launching a gap year movement in the U.S. and beyond.

We'd love to share this experience with as many people as possible, and are currently looking for people to fulfill the positions listed below. 

Web designer

The web designer will closely work with the executive board of gapyearly in building and enhancing our online platform. 

Student Mentor

Student mentors are at the core of the gapyearly mission of making gap years accessible to all high schoolers. Mentors will be featured in their own section of the website and pledge to respond to student questions within 24-48 hours. 

Gapper Consultant

Gap consultants will advise students and/or parents on how to best organize their specific gap year. Following an interview period in which the consultant will get to know the student and their interests, the consultant will suggest programs and experiences best suited to the student. Consultants must be well versed in all of gapyearly’s experiences and resources to best advise the student, as well as facts and figures to persuasively appeal to concerned parents.


Representatives are dedicated college students who are excited about building a gapper community. Representatives will form a gapyearly club at their university or partner with an existing gap year club to recruit gapper alumni to join gapyearly. Representatives are responsible for maintaining a gap year network and will receive funding to sponsor awesome events and welcome incoming gapper freshman. Representatives may also act as liaisons to their university’s administration to promote gap years among prospective students each spring.