Aeshna Chandra
Columbia U. '21

"GO places where people don’t often go. That’s where you’re gonna find the most rewarding trips."

"SCHOOL IS NOT AS IMPORTANT as you think. There’s so many cool, functional, well-off people who did not go to school traditionally or chose to do something else with their lives, or got a degree and was like, 'Okay fuck this, I’m gonna do something else.'"

Clara Spars
Stanford U. '21


Isabella Bradford-Johnson
Manchester Metropolitan U. 

"DO IT. I’m thinking about what my first year in college would have been like if I hadn’t taken a gap year—and I just think it was a really great idea to take a year off to grow more into myself before throwing myself into a new school. I definitely matured as a person, and I find that college is going to be so much easier after having been so far from home."

"ONE OF THE BETTER WAYS TO DEVELOP YOURSELF is by exposing yourself to different cultures and environments. Very often, this comes in the form of traveling—on your own."

"IT MIGHT BE BETTER TO GO ALONE. It might be scary at first, but I think you get more out of your year that way, since you’re constantly pushing yourself to meet new people that you might have felt intimidated to speak to before. You also have just yourself to rely on, so you definitely become more independent."