"Guarantees a phenomenal increase in self-reliance and self-confidence."

Gap year: Pros

  • Gives students a well-earned vacation from years of academic stress
  • Guarantees a phenomenal increase in self-reliance and self-confidence. Let your kids plan their own years for maximum growth in these areas.
  • Allows an escape from a constrained bubble of privilege to an authentic, expansive embrace of cultural humility. Opens minds!
  • Provides opportunities for establishing friendships around the globe that will last a lifetime
  • Promotes a crazy amount of learning! New foods, new languages, new music, new money, new holidays, new religions, new climates, new insects, new mammals, new possibilities for adventures around every corner….
  • Students enter college with a level of maturity and rich experience that pretty much guarantees social and academic success in freshman year
  • Sets up your kids with memories of amazing places, remarkable people and rich experiences (even — or especially — the ones where they were sick, or cold, or wet, or lost, or hungry) that they will draw upon for lessons and inspiration again, and again, and again over their long lifetimes.
  • Gives them a new respect and gratitude for their home, and for all that they have there that they may have taken for granted before. Never again!

Gap year: Cons

  • Parents may get a few grey hairs.

-Renata, mother of Emily M

Sasha LandauerComment