Rustic Pathways: Fiji, New Zealand, Austrailia

Done by: Clay P. | The Kinkaid School | Occidental College '20

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Summary: Rustic Pathways facilitates immersive travel experiences that combine service work, thrilling adventures, and learning skills. Three-month gap year programs are offered in the South Pacific, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Cost: $16,000-20,200 + travel costs (financial aid and scholarships available)

Review: Rustic Pathways is a good company to travel with, and I definitely enjoyed it.  It was more culturally immersive in Fiji than it was in New Zealand and Australia, where we were more focused on travel.  Fiji was our service portion of the trip, building schools and footpaths, New Zealand was our adrenaline, bungee jumping and hiking, and Australia was our skills, getting our surf-life saving certification and scuba certification.  It was a fairly large group, so it felt separated at times but the leaders helped us feel more like one.  Got to see a lot of great places in the South Pacific.

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