Brooklyn Nets Internship

DONE BY: Jack G. | Horace Mann | Stanford U. '20


SUMMARY: The Brooklyn Nets gives registered students an internship opportunity for school credit. Areas of focus include Partnership Marketing, Corporate Sponsorships, Partnership Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, Event Marketing, Communications, Community Relations, Ticket Sales, Group Sales, VIP Services, Human Resources, Legal, Public Relations, Facility Operations and Basketball Operations.

REVIEW: My internship with the Brooklyn Nets came through an internship program they do each year.  Typically, the students are in college/grad school or recently graduated, but I got lucky and was able to join.  They will give you school credit if your school accepts it.  I definitely enjoyed it.  I was doing menial tasks: mopping the floor, washing laundry, stocking refrigerators, and things like that, but if that’s the price I have to pay for hanging out with Brook Lopez and co. I’ll pay it every time.

Jiyoung JeongComment